A Fan Girl’s Fan Fiction.

How often do we wonder about a fictional character or a celebrity and fall in love with them. Basically, the idea of them being someone important to us in our small brain. We portray them according to us in our story even though we know they are nothing like how we see them on the screen. When a woman is in love, she does things she never thought she could do. Like, writing being one of them.

I was 15 when I had my first celebrity crush. I was head over heels in love with him. My mother was mad at me for being so crazy about someone. Technically, about an actor of course. But, soon she realized that it will not be over soon. Well, not at least till I watch all his movies and do a year long research on him. I’m 20 now and the fever is still there. I mean not that crazy but yes, still crazy enough to watch all his movies first day first show. 

During all these years I had so many crushes and none of them were anyway near the first one. Like, I wrote a goddamn fan fiction about it. Yes, a fan fiction. I knew exactly how to start with my writing journey and at the same time re live some characters in my story according to me. So, that’s how my writing journey began. I wrote a fan fiction. I never thought that people will actually read it and appraise me for that and also encourage me to write more and more everyday.

For a girl, her journal, her blog, her diary or her story matters a lot. When I started writing I was madly in love with books and stories and other people’s fan fictions. If you will ever read someone’s fan fiction, you will see their emotions flowing. They might not use tough words or correct grammar but whatever they write will touch your heart. There are so many people out there who writes like professionals and they publish their stories on platform like Wattpad and WordPress. If you read their story or article, appreciate them. Tell them that they’re good.

So, coming back to the point. Fan fictions are the new hit. So many people write in this world and only few of them gets a publisher and so many people just write for fun but whatever they write is amazing, unbeatable. A person’s wild imagination runs openly when he/she writes a story that’s about those characters she love and live daily. We watch movies and like some characters but we never think about them as someone else. Like, we all know Harry Potter, right? Now think as it a change. A chance to live the story your way. It’s not like you are violating some rules or someone’s story. You’re just putting their characters the way you want them to see in your way. We all loved how Harry Potter ended except that Severus died and Hermione ended up with Ron instead of Harry. I mean most of us loved the end but there are people who wanted to see the story with a different end. So, here we create our own imaginary world and write the story with same characters but different plot and agendas. And of course different couple ships.

So, let the imagination run wild and free and write fan fictions if you can because there’s nothing more interesting and expressive than a person writing.


Let’s talk about the last movie I watched and the TV series I’m currently watching.

I never understood the logic behind crushing over a fictional character or an on-screen character. Well I’m not saying that it’s stupidity because the ones who can relate to this will know it’s something that you feel the second you see them. You can’t control this.

And as for the matter of fact, let me tell you this.. I love so many fictional characters as well as on-screen characters.  I fall for hard for the men I see on-screen than the men I meet in my real life. Also, I fall for older men. Ugh. I don’t know why? But it’s a topic for another day.

So I was watching these movies that I found very moving.

1. I was watching Sex and the city one fine day and the entry of Mr. Big had me stunned. After watching the movie I realized that I didn’t really focus on the story but the actor and his good looks. I mean I did watch the movie and it was really good. The story about 4 girls who started their journey when they moved to Manhattan years ago and soon became friends for life. Their desperation to be a part of the New York life. The lust for men and love for shoes. 

Sex and the city when started as a TV series back in 1998, became a very big reason for the rise of branded products all over the world especially in bags and shoes industry.

The thing about Sex and the City is that it doesn’t bore you. It sure as hell not a family series neither a family movie but it definitely is something you will enjoy with your friends. Worth watching.  





2. Pretty Woman is the movie everyone knows and love. The handsome Richard Gere as a rich business tycoon and the gorgeous Julia Roberts as an escort full of innocence. The movie revolves around these two. A businessman out on a ride in the Beverly hills, the city where he barely knows the streets meets a very beautiful woman who he asks out. The way he treats her is the reason we all loved the movie. The way he protects her and introduce her to his friends is heart warming. From giving her a chance to change her looks to falling in love with her and changing her life. A love story we can say not less than a fairy tale. 268x0w

Would you relate?

In our day-to-day life we see a lot of things, feel a lot of emotions, go through a lot of new phases. We like some and we dislike some but that doesn’t stop us from experiencing life, from wanting more and from taking risks. We all are same at some point. People say we all are different and that we all have our differences. They say, ”not every finger is same” and we agree, but, when we are alone in life and having trouble with schools, colleges, jobs, we look around and see people working hard and overtime for a better lifestyle. We feel connected to them. We realize that even if we all are different from each other in so many aspects, we connect. We feel as if they are on the same boat as us. They are doing exactly what we’ve been doing and that there is a similarity that connects us to them.